Mansfield Club History

Kiwanis Club of Mansfield History

The Kiwanis Club of Mansfield was chartered on October 11, 1973.  The Club is a civic service organization that serves the needs of the children of Mansfield.  The Kiwanis Club of Mansfield is a member of Kiwanis International.  Our Club resides within Division 39 of the Texas-Oklahoma District of Kiwanis.

Mansfield Kiwanis Children's Magic Show 2015

Former Club President Greg Barberee with his family.

Past Presidents

The Kiwanis Club of Mansfield has been able to serve Mansfield and the children of Mansfield as a result of its leadership. This leadership comes through its members that volunteer their time to serve as officers, directors and committee chairpersons for the Club.  Below are the names of all of the Club’s Past Presidents that have guided our Club.

1973-1974: Bill Campbell

1974-1975: Tom Heston

1975-1976: Larry Dibben

1976-1977: Auther Blackwood

1977-1978: Robert Smith

1978-1979: Robert Smith

1979-1980: David Shaw

1980-1981: Bill Devine

1981-1982: David Gambel

1982-1983: Matt Debeikes

1983-1984: Lee Pennington

1984-1985: Larry McGough

1985-1986: Jim Gidley

1985-1986: David Gambel

1986-1987: Bob Pipes

1987-1988: Danny Swafford, Jr.

1988-1989: Neal Eaton

1989-1990: Gary Mills

1990-1991: Jim Icenhower

1991-1992: Bobby Dvorak

1992-1993 Bobby Dvorak

1993-1994: Roger Feagley

1994-1995: Ellis Langston

1995-1996: Sharon Baker

1996-1997: Danny Boyer

1997-1998: Emil (Swede) Nyberg

1998-1999: Doug Barnett

1999-2000: Russ Wilson

2000-2001: Bill Lodel

2001-2002: Chuck Cunningham

2002-2003: Barbara Boettger

2003-2004: Todd Simmons

2004-2005: David Stroud

2005-2006: Scott Kissinger

2006-2007: Bill Baron

2007-2008: Phil Stover

2008-2009: Gary Mills

2009-2010: Greg Barberee

2010-2011: Chuck Cunningham

2011-2012: Ellis Langston

2012-2013: Darryl Haynes

2013-2014: Katie Watson

2014-2015: Greg Barberee

2015-2016: Todd Simmons