Scholarships to Graduating Seniors

The Kiwanis Club of Mansfield awards multiple scholarships annually to deserving graduating seniors from Mansfield Independent School District (“MISD”).  Each scholarship is a one-time scholarship and may be used by the student to attend college or vocational school in the next immediate academic school year.

Mansfield Kiwanis awards these scholarships to further the educational opportunities of each recipient.  In 2016, the Kiwanis Club of Mansfield awarded 3 scholarships.  The Kiwanis Club of Mansfield has named its scholarships in memory of former Club members.  The Mansfield Kiwanis award the following scholarships each year:

Marc Poss Scholarship

Bob Noel Scholarship

Ellis Langston Memorial Service Scholarship

Scholarship Selection Process

The Kiwanis Club of Mansfield participates in the MISD Community Multi-Scholarship Program (“CMS Program”).  This is a program where all community scholarships are coordinated through the MISD Education Foundation to ensure that a maximum number of eligible students receive scholarship funds.

 All MISD graduating seniors that submit an application packet to the CMS Program are eligible for scholarships to be awarded by the Kiwanis Club of Mansfield.  A committee of members of Mansfield Kiwanians (“Scholarship Committee”) will receive copies of all application packets submitted by MISD graduating seniors (“Scholarship Candidates”).  After the Scholarship Committee reviews all Scholarship Candidates, the committee and will rank the Scholarship Candidates in descending order through the total number of scholarships to be awarded by the CMS Program for that given year.  For example, if the CMS Program has a total of 50 scholarships to be awarded, the Scholarship Committee will select and rank 50 Scholarship Candidates with the top selection ranked one, the next two and so forth until 50 Scholarship Candidates have been appropriately ranked.  The scholarships will go to the highest ranked applicant available at the time of Mansfield Kiwanis’ selection for a scholarship recipient.  By way of example, if the Scholarship Committee’s top five Scholarship Candidates are awarded scholarships by other organizations within the CMS Program before the Club’s designated selection time then the sixth ranked Scholarship Candidate will be awarded the Foundation scholarship.

            The CMS Program is designed to allow a maximum amount of graduating seniors to receive scholarships by coordinating all community scholarships.  As part of this coordination of scholarships, once a graduating senior is selected for a scholarship, he or she is no longer eligible for other scholarships in the CMS Program.  Scholarships with the highest monetary value select their recipient first, and scholarships with lesser monetary values select later in the process—all $1,000 scholarships recipients are selected before $500 scholarship recipients.