President Steve Hallford’s Message

President Steve Hallford and Lt. Gov. Div. 39 Todd Simmons

President Steve Hallford and Lt. Gov. Div. 39 Todd Simmons

President Steve Hallford’s Message

Last year’s president Todd Simmons asked us “why did you join Kiwanis?” and that is a question that we should still be asking ourselves along with “are you a Kiwanis member or a Kiwanian?” Being a member is an enjoyable experience, the comradery with friends on Friday morning is something that I enjoy, but there is more to this than just coffee and breakfast. Hopefully you joined because you want to make a difference and to give something back to the community. Being a Kiwanian is a dedication that each member must have in order for our club to make a difference. We also know that membership growth is paramount and we have taken steps to increase our club’s membership total. Gary Mills has agreed to be our Membership Chairman and I believe that we will see positive results from that – he has embraced this challenge with an inspired determination. While growing our membership is a goal, engagement with the current membership is crucial. It is important for each member to be active in a club role of their choosing, to embrace that role and strive to make our organization better – that is being a Kiwanian.

My goals for this year are simple:

  • Earn entry into the Club Recognition Program. To do this we must achieve 10 points in each of the four I-Plan topic areas: Inspiration, Impact, Image and Investment.

  • Finish the year with a net gain of 2 members

  • Increase awareness in our community of what Kiwanis is all about – a group of service volunteers with a heart for children. This can be obtained by using resources/relationships that our club members have. Newspaper, local magazine features, and a larger presence at community events

Our organization is dedicated to serving the children of our communities as well as the world. Let’s all remember why we joined Kiwanis.


Mansfield Kiwanis Cornhole Tournament 2016

The Championship Round for First Cornhole for Kiwanis Tournament! (L-R) Second Place Finishers Wes Boots and Steve Hallford; Champs Todd Simmons & Joel Verinder