A Tale of Serving and Being Served

by Claude Cunningham

I think I told the Club that the Builders’ Club we sponsor at Mary Orr Intermediate School was taking the lead on the Angel Tree project at the school. Mary Orr is a very interesting school, at least demographically.

The students at the school come from the Walnut Creek, Heritage Estates, Arbors, and Arbors at Creekwood areas. We all know that. What many people do not realize is that there are students at Mary Orr that live in trailer parks and travel trailer storage areas in the south part of the school district. The school has a great number of students who would have no Christmas without the service of others. In fact the principal of the school, Mr. Thurston, told me that they had put more families on their tree this year because the need was so great. He also told me that, when the school had contacted parents about the participation of their families, he was appalled at the number of families who asked for food.

The project worked well and nearly all the “Angles” were selected by families or staff from the school. The others will be taken care of by the campus leadership. The organization of the project was such that gifts were given “Family Numbers” which identified those to receive the gifts to only the counseling staff at the campus. Gifts were brought in and the donations were impressive.

On Monday, December 11, the Builders’ Club members, along with a couple of members of our club and several MHS Key Club members, gathered to wrap all the gifts. It was a joyful mad house. Kids learned how to wrap gifts, they laughed, they worked together and they did a good job. During this madness, Ms. McFarland, the lead campus advisor, quietly spoke with the counselor about a situation in the room where her group was wrapping gifts. It seems that one of the Builders’ Club members was also an Angel. The little girl was joyfully wrapping gifts so other kids could enjoy Christmas, not knowing that the gifts she was wrapping were for HER family. No one told her and she had a wonderful time helping others to have a Merry Christmas.

I assume she will recognize the gifts she wrapped when they arrive at her house the week before Christmas. And, I assume that she will know that her friends have no idea that they were helping her wrap her own gifts. She was happily serving while being served.