A Team Full of Talent; By: Todd Simmons

Hello fellow Kiwanians.  The MLB playoffs are in full swing.  College football is halfway through the season already.  Hockey and basketball are about to get going as well.  Sports can give us some great analogies for Kiwanis.

First, teamwork is the key.  When you have a great team, it usually consists of players who are great at their position.  We have members who can solicit sponsors;  others are better at record keeping;  some are encouragers; and, we even have some members who can fill in as programs because of their public speaking skills.  We all have a role and if you don’t feel like you are performing up to your capabilities, talk to someone on the board and get involved.

Mansfield Kiwanis Feed the Kids

MHS Key Club Advisor Corey Nieman, Jackie Stover, Phil Stover and Greg Barberee volunteering to pack Feed the Kids bags.

Second, most great teams get young players involved so they can move into a leadership role.  We have some new members who have joined us in the past 12 to 18 months.  And to our club’s credit, those members are getting involved and making their voices heard.  Leadership development is key to future success.

Third, the team needs to develop a workable and executable game plan.  We have a focus – Kids in the MISD.  The game plan involves our fund raisers, Key Clubs, and membership growth.  If we execute those three things, our club will be successful.

Finally, a team must work in concert.  All the players need to be on the same page and work together without internal dissent.  If you have an issue or problem, bring it up to a board member.  If you have a suggestion, let someone know.  The worst thing a member can do is sit in a meeting with a bad attitude.  The next worst thing you can do is criticize other members behind their back.  I do not think we have issues with that in our club, so let’s keep it going.  We have some opportunities this year with the addition of three new Key Clubs.  Continue to be productive difference makers for the Kiwanis Club of Mansfield and 2017-2018 will be one of our best years ever.

Mansfield Kiwanis Volunteering with Habitat

Mansfield Kiwanis Member Todd Omer volunteering with Habitat for Humanity