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New Member Interview Series: Corey Nieman

On Friday, June 16th, Division 39 Lt. Governor Todd Simmons continued his series of “interviews” of the newest members of Mansfield Kiwanis.  Todd’s latest victim: Corey Nieman.

Corey grew up in South Arlington, has 4 siblings and is the oldest in his family with 15 years between him and his youngest brother.  He graduated from Mansfield Summit High School and was a Mansfield Kiwanis “Guy of the Month” in January 2007.  After the meeting on Friday Corey shared the Guy of the Month photo on the right on his Facebook page.

Please click on the following link to learn more about one of our newest members, Corey Nieman. Mansfield Kiwanis Newsletter 2017-06-22

Serving the Community with Smiles & Hugs: Nursing Home Bingo

Kiwanian Danny Boyer continues to champion our Club’s long standing service project Nursing Home Bingo on the Second Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Mansfield Nursing Center located at 1402 E. Broad Street near the Mansfield City Hall.  On Thursday, June 8, 2017, Danny was joined by scores of Key Clubbers from Mansfield High School and Mansfield Summit High School.

According to Danny, this was one of the best Nursing Home Bingo Nights with a larger than usual number of residents and Key Club volunteers participating.  Please join Danny at the next Nursing Home Bingo on Thursday, July 13th!

Feed the Kids for Summer Already Going Strong & Needing More Support

By: Greg Barberee

On Wednesday evening, June 14th, my wife and I plus our 3 kids joined the other hundred or so volunteers to pack and prepare bags of food for MISD children at the Mansfield Cares Warehouse located at 150 South 6th Avenue just west of downtown Mansfield.

After a prayer for the group, Phil Stover, a Director for the Feed the Kids Program and fellow Kiwanian, requested my family man the tables to assist the volunteers with packing the cereal, oatmeal, granola bars, peanut butter crackers, and ramen noodles.  This job required us to remind the other volunteers packing the bags how much of each item to pack, ensure that all items remained well stocked, and remove empty boxes from the tables to be broken down for recycling.

Please continue reading at: Mansfield Kiwanis Newsletter 2017-06-15

New Member Interview Series: Michael Crippen

On Friday, June 9, 2017, Todd Simmons continued his series of interviews of the newest members of Mansfield Kiwanis by sitting down with Michael Crippen.

Mike moved to the Mansfield area in January 2015 with his wife, Beth, and grandson, Aiden, from Florida as a result of Beth’s new job.  Please click on the following link to learn more about Michael.  Mansfield Kiwanis Newsletter 2017-06-15

Mansfield Kiwanis Annual Family Social A Huge Success

On Saturday, June 10th members of the Mansfield Kiwanis and their families gathered for a great evening of fun and fellowship on Gary Mill’s back patio.

All who attended were treated to a great evening of getting to know not only our members better but also meeting the families of our members.  Once again, I believe this year proved that we don’t really know our fellow members until we’ve given a member’s spouse and/or child the opportunity to tell us who that member truly is when not attending a Kiwanis function.

The evening was made even more incredible by all the delicious food prepared and brought by our members to share.  Plus, we should all give Steve Hallford a huge thank you for braving the heat of the grill to prepare the burgers and hot dogs.

Every year we say those who miss our family socials really miss out on an opportunity to have a good time and get to know your fellow Club members.

Thank you Gary for letting us use your patio for the event and thanks to all members and their families that attended!

Click on the following link to view our online photo album from the Social: Mansfield Kiwanis Family Social Photo Album.