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So Why Did You Join the Kiwanis Club of Mansfield?

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If you’re a member of our Club, have you ever wondered why that member sitting across the table from you joined the Club?  Or, if you’re not a member, have you ever wondered why someone chooses to join Kiwanis.  Our Club President asked the members to secretly submit their reasons and I’ve included some the responses below:

Joined Kiwanis to become part of an organization that provided a service to our community and children.


Followed my Father’s example.  He was a Kiwanis Member.


Opportunity to meet “new” people and become involved in the community.


I Served with Kiwanis in college and sought a club out after my employer suggested I get involved with a community organization.

Of course, many of our Club Members admitted that they were strong armed by Swede Nyberg with Swede’s insistence that their car keys would only be returned when the individual agreed to join Swede for breakfast at the next Kiwanis meeting. (Swede was the former owner of a tire shop in Mansfield with a big heart for Kiwanis).

Regardless of why a member joins, the pattern is clear: a member was invited to attend and had a desire to get involved and make the community better.  Do you want to make Mansfield better?  Please join us for breakfast on Friday.  We promise not to take your keys.

And now for the rest of the story…Swede remains active in Kiwanis with his club in the Pacific Northwest.  He also receives updates on our Club through this website and remains a very good friend of the Kiwanis Club of Mansfield.