Replace our Sign Fund

Did you know that our Kiwanis road sign is missing?  I’m not sure if it was lost, stolen or simply discarded but we need to replace it ASAP!

Last week members of our Club started “passing the hat” and donating cash for the purpose of purchasing a new sign to replace the one missing off of Cooper ST/ FM 157/Main St near the intersection with Turner Warnell.

Greg Barberee is currently coordinating the collection of funds.  Please consider helping so we can proudly display that Mansfield is a Kiwanis Community.  Thank you.

First Day of School Kicks-Off a New Year of Service

It finally happened, on August 16th the alarm clock sounded at that early hour signifying that the lazy days of sleeping in, play dates at the swimming pool and epic battles between plants and zombies on the Xbox had ended and that it was time to return to school. Thankfully, my 2 oldest are still at that age when they see the start of a new school year as a time full of excitement.  We didn’t have to worry whether they would turn off the alarm and get out of bed (we’re hoping that doesn’t start until they’re teenagers) because we knew they were excited to return.

The first day of school for my 2 oldest children represents their return to campus and seeing their friends every day.  They couldn’t wait to meet their newest teachers and try their best to get to school earlier enough to run down the halls and give a hug to their prior teachers before the bell rings. To my children, and hundreds of other children in MISD, the first day of school represents a new and exciting adventure!

As Kiwanians our mission is to improve the lives of children.  Our Club is part of the larger international organization that has developed programs and initiatives to benefit children of all ages!

Through The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus—a deadly disease that steals the lives of 34,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year.

Locally, our Club supports service leadership programs at area schools such as Key Clubs and Builders Clubs.  These Key Clubs and Builders Clubs are teaching students not only the impact one can have in serving others but also the leadership skills necessary to empower these students to be a force for good within our community.

A new school year is a time for all of our Club members to renew their commitment to serving the children of Mansfield and the world.  Now that school has started the Key Clubs and Builders Clubs will be looking to us, as their mentors, for assistance in fundraising and serving the community.  By joining our Club you made a commitment to support these children.  Renew that commitment now and seek out Key Club and/or Builders Club meetings to show your support and guide these young leaders.  Remember that at each and every function when our Club has requested assistance from Key Club, whether it be for Feed the Kids, Nursing Home Bingo, or the Fa La La La 5K, they have always delivered and been there to help us.

A new school year is exciting! Dig deep and try to remember the days when you were excited to start a new school year.  Use those memories to fuel your renewed commitment to service in 2017-2018!


New Member Interview Series: Corey Nieman

On Friday, June 16th, Division 39 Lt. Governor Todd Simmons continued his series of “interviews” of the newest members of Mansfield Kiwanis.  Todd’s latest victim: Corey Nieman.

Corey grew up in South Arlington, has 4 siblings and is the oldest in his family with 15 years between him and his youngest brother.  He graduated from Mansfield Summit High School and was a Mansfield Kiwanis “Guy of the Month” in January 2007.  After the meeting on Friday Corey shared the Guy of the Month photo on the right on his Facebook page.

Please click on the following link to learn more about one of our newest members, Corey Nieman. Mansfield Kiwanis Newsletter 2017-06-22

Serving the Community with Smiles & Hugs: Nursing Home Bingo

Kiwanian Danny Boyer continues to champion our Club’s long standing service project Nursing Home Bingo on the Second Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Mansfield Nursing Center located at 1402 E. Broad Street near the Mansfield City Hall.  On Thursday, June 8, 2017, Danny was joined by scores of Key Clubbers from Mansfield High School and Mansfield Summit High School.

According to Danny, this was one of the best Nursing Home Bingo Nights with a larger than usual number of residents and Key Club volunteers participating.  Please join Danny at the next Nursing Home Bingo on Thursday, July 13th!